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Drifta decoder brings mobile TV to PCs

South Africa can now enjoy a twist in the mobile TV landscape: the ability to view mobile broadcasts on a PC. DStv has released the Drifta USB, which is a device that plugs into a PC via the USB port. Once the software is installed, you can connect to the DVB-H mobile signal and access DStv content live on your computer.

DStv saw a need for consumers to have access to mobile content while working or using their PCs, and this device bridges the two worlds to create a unique experience. DStv features a large roster of diverse programming including news, sports, music and entertainment. There is no need to pair it with a mobile device or do any advanced setup, just plug it in and it begins to pick up the live feeds from DStv.

Laptop viewing is on the rise, where many customers of content creators prefer to watch programming anywhere they want via their portable computer. As laptops get lighter and faster every year, and streaming and download services advance and launch, the laptop segment is a key target demographic. Repurposing the wide range of existing mobile content and making it also available on a different device makes perfect sense. The Drifta USB includes several core technologies including a signal strength indicator so you always are aware of where optimum signal is. The pocket-sized device also includes a small positionable antenna to manually improve reception if needed. Rather than have to deal with smartcards for different carriers, the smartcard is actually embedded into the device, truly offering a plug-and-play experience. Even though there is a monthly subscription fee for new users, existing DStv Premium subscribers already on the service can watch the mobile content at no additional cost. This offers more options for viewing no matter where you are or what device you may be using. DStv was focused on bringing an easy to use device to the market that offered a way to move mobile TV services beyond traditional handsets.