DM Digital Makes Move to PlayBox Technology Neo System

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND—DM Digital, a U.K.-based television channel that also has a following in Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania, is going with a familiar source to upgrade its broadcast playout infrastructure, choosing PlayBox Technology’s Neo series.

DM Digital had previously utilized PlayBox’s AirBox as its core playout system but it recently upgraded to Neo system, citing faster throughput, versatile channel branding and onboard transcoding capabilities as reasons for making the switch, per the official press release. The upgrade will consist of two AirBox Neo and TitleBox Neo servers with multiple HD output and live video inputs, plus two CaptureBox Neo ingest servers and ListBoxes.

AirBox Neo is a server-based broadcast playout system that allows 24/7 unattended operation, according to PlayBox. The TitleBox Neo is an optional module of the AirBox Neo and provides control during on-air sessions, including text selection, running speed and transitions. The ListBox is an AirBox plug-in for the creation and editing of schedules ahead of transmission. CaptureBox Neo, meanwhile, is an ingest server that allows HD or SD content from up to four video sources simultaneously.