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Discreet Releases Upgrades to Visual Effects Systems

Visual effects software creator Discreet is now shipping inferno 4.6, flame 7.6 and flint 7.6 visual effects systems software upgrades with expanded features and toolsets and improved workflow interactivity.

The new releases have more than 100 new features and enhancements, focusing on product design, workflow and performance and extending the range and depth of the toolsets. The software packages now support the newest SGI visual workstations, Octane2 and Onyx 3200, resulting in improved performance and creative interactivity for digital artists. The company said it drew upon customer feedback and reengineered several areas of the systems to provide better functionality and efficiency.

As an example of the improvements, inferno 4.6 and flame 7.6 have expanded on tools including Color Warper, with new modes for color correction, pressure-sensitive trackballs, new selective options, expanded hotkeys and reset buttons and the ability to save and load Color Warper subsetups.