Digital Rapids Supports Microsoft Silverlight

Digital Rapids, a provider of video processing equipment, has announced support for Microsoft's Silverlight technology.

In joining the Microsoft Silverlight Partner Initiative, Digital Rapids has extended support for Microsoft's VC-1 and Windows Media Video compression format to its encoding and transport gear, including Digital Rapids StreamZ and StreamZHD media encoding servers, DRC-Stream board and software bundles and Digital Rapids Transcode Manager distributed media transcoding software.

"Support for Microsoft Silverlight in our solutions enables powerful and efficient workflow automation from ingest through encoding and publishing to the Web," said Mike Nann, director of marketing/communications at Digital Rapids. "Silverlight support is a key evolution of our long-standing VC-1 and Windows Media support, and being a part of the Silverlight Partner Initiative will provide us with numerous benefits as we continue to add new Silverlight-related features based on the needs of our customers."