Digital Nirvana Debuts Cloud-Based Trance Platform

FREMONT, Calif.—Digital Nirvana has pulled the curtain back on its new cloud-based closed-captioning and metadata enhancement system, Trance. Meant to provide new efficiencies for captioning and subtitling workflows, Trance offers features that include a cloud-based infrastructure, an integrated and automated speech-to-text engine and an easy-to-use interface.

Integrated with a proven STT engine, Trance has advanced speech-to-text capabilities for generating automatic, multilingual transcripts for every work item within the application.

The platform also centralizes workflows such as job allocation, caption edits, role assignment, report generation and status monitoring for streamlined project management. The cloud-based architecture allows for the access of content from anywhere as well as eliminating the need for individual software installs and updates. In addition, Trance can ingest Avid assets directly for caption generation and/or metadata enhancement.

Users have the ability to access media assets from cloud storage, Avid Media Central, SFTP, local servers or through an API, with the final output able to be automatically converted into multiple sidecar formats and sent to predefined destinations.

Digital Nirvana is expected to feature the Trance system at its NAB Show New York booth, N369.