DigiCAP ATSC 3.0 Air Chain Now Available as Cloud Application

DigiCAP ATSC 3.0 Air Chain
(Image credit: DigiCAP)

SEOUL, South Korea—DigiCAP’s ATSC 3.0 Air Chain has gone through its latest evolution that will now allow it to be used as a cloud application.

DigiCAP launched ATSC 3.0 Air Chain in 2017 as an 8RU unit. DigiCAP then was able to make a 2RU model and later a single RU COTS blade. In February, DigiCAPS posted the first ATSC 3.0 Air Chain on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This cloud-based service is meant to enable installations to go more quickly, said DigiCAP. In addition, users can pay for an Air Chain with a monthly service fee instead of an upfront equipment charge.

“Our software infrastructure approach is catching on,” said Sang Jin Yoon, senior vice president of Business Development at DigiCAP. “Of the 28 US markets that have launched ATSC 3.0, DigiCAP has one or more users in over half of them. Add to that the 14 broadcast stations we have in South Korea and it makes a solid footprint for moving forward.” 

For more information, visit the DigiCAP website (opens in new tab)