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Dielectric unveils low-RFR antenna

At NAB2007, Dielectric Communications has introduced the TLP-LRFR slot antenna, a new UHF low-RFR antenna that reduces downward radiation and alleviates concerns over RF radiation exposure in metropolitan and residential areas.

The TLP-LRFR achieves a 300 percent reduction in power density in the region surrounding the antenna when compared to a typical UHF antenna with equal gain by focusing energy specifically to the coverage area.

Dielectric’s approach limits the power density to less than half of the maximum permissible exposure (MPE) limits for occupational uncontrolled areas. The TLP-LRFR antenna is suitable for digital or analog broadcasting, and it is available in horizontal, elliptical or circularly polarized configurations. Additional features include a 5kW average power rating, a 1-5/8in input, slot covers or radomes, and a 1.0-degree standard beam tilt.

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