DELEC introduces oratis product family

DELEC, a member of the SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP, introduced the digital oratis product family. Intended primarily as building blocks for custom intercom systems, the new components can equally build a networked commentary system or an intelligent combination of the two.

The audio format of oratis follows the established studio standard — 24 bit, 48kHz with an enhanced resolution of 32 bits internally. The backbone of each oratis system is at least one matrix frame, a full-summing digital audio and control-data router. Offering a multitude of I/O interfaces, it can be customized to meet the needs of each installation.

A key feature is the full network capability on managed Gigabit Ethernet, which offers a high flexibility. Even existing facility networks can form the basis of an oratis installation. In addition, in all new oratis boards, FPGAs replace conventional signal paths. As a result, changes can be implemented quickly and at low cost by simply re-programming the software.

In the past, oratis was a pure intercom system. Today, a networked commentary system can be created, using largely the same components. DELEC has designed a commentator terminal containing all the gain, mixing and processing facilities for up to three commentators. As all other modules, the commentator terminal is connected to an oratis matrix frame via Gigabit Ethernet.