Dejero Aids First Mile on Production During COVID-19

(Image credit: Dejero)

WATERLOO, Ontario—Seeking to address its connectivity, security and team synchronization challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, First Mile Technologies has opted to utilize a number of Dejero technologies both on-set and during post-production, according to a release from Dejero.

First Mile began using Dejero equipment like EnGo mobile transmitters, Gateway network aggregation devices, CuePoint return video servers and CellSat blended cellular and satellite systems before the pandemic. But amid social distancing and remote production, the Dejero tech was used to help produce the “Send a Virtual Solo” campaign from Desjardins.

The campaign, which saw 40 musicians partake in videos that could be sent to people, would send drop-off kits that featured a Dejero EnGo mobile transmitter and a small connectivity kit, including three 4K-enabled iPhones. The artists would film themselves while maintaining phone contact with the director and video assistant at KAOS Video. The video assistant then worked with First Mile to stream the video back to KAOS with Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology, which aggregates diverse connectivity paths into a virtual “network of networks.” The video would then be inserted into a video conference call with team members located across Canada.

Another example from First Mile included a project with VideoNerve South for a Mercedes campaign with live driving shots from a race track on a frozen lake. Dejero enabled the stream of the videos to a location 5 miles away, with the client and agency teams watching footage in real time.

“Before now, limited connectivity and bandwidth on set, especially in remote locations, has been the barrier to getting files and data out quickly to all of the creative teams that need to work together in post-production, so we are very excited by the possibilities that Dejero has opened up for this industry,” said Brandon Cooper, president, film & new media at First Mile Technologies.

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