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Cydle i30 brings mobile DTV to smart phones

Cydle offers a digital TV receiver that attaches to smart phones and picks up OTA digital broadcasts in your area. This offers several benefits over other current systems. Since local providers are required to carry the digital signals OTA, there is no charge for programming. You can watch all your favorite network shows all day long for free. Another benefit is that due to the built in antenna, the shows are picked up via airwaves and don't use your data plan. You won't need to use your 3G/4G network, and you won't even have to use Wi-Fi.

Because watching live streaming TV can drag on a smart phone's battery, the attachment has its own. An 1100mA battery is part of the clip-on unit, so you should have plenty of juice to catch up on your favorite news and programming. It can be charged via mini USB or AC, and a power adapter is included. It's worth noting that the charging cable only charges the digital receiver battery pack, not the smart phone itself. The battery is not swappable and is part of the unit itself, so you are limited to just the unit for extra power.

The ATSC M/H antenna can be positioned and adjusted for the best signal, and there is an optional external antenna unit, sold separately as a car kit, if you intend to be on the road and want to catch shows on the go. The device will be available soon and is initially for the iPhone only.