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Crowley and Tripp invention spurs growth in ribbon mics

Soundwave Research Laboratories, producers of Crowley and Tripp ribbon microphones, expects rapid market growth in the ribbon microphone category, primarily due to its invention and introduction of the new nanomaterial, Roswellite, to replace traditional ribbons.

"The invention of Roswellite is a breakthrough that was made possible through a concentrated materials development program alongside a focused product and market development mission," said Robert J. Crowley, president of the company. "What was once a niche segment is poised to grow and compete head-to-head with condenser and dynamic microphones for virtually any sound pickup application — and now is growing at a very rapid rate of over 20 percent annually."

The new material, first used in the company’s el Diablo model, creates durable, repeatable results in modern production environments, overcoming the service problems that are associated with the traditional foils. Roswellite is stronger, more stable and produces a sound quality as good as or better than traditional ribbon materials.

Chris Regan, product manager of Crowley and Tripp ribbon microphones, foresees a quadrupling of the ribbon market in a relatively short time. "Most current ribbon microphones are sold through smaller sales channels and serve minor markets, but all that has changed with the introduction of Roswellite. Ribbons have gone from a ‘nice to have’ to a must-have product." he said. Regan asserts that the market potential is quite large, observing that ribbon microphones are increasingly becoming the preferred tool of choice for many vocalists, guitarists and percussionists as well as traditional string and brass musicians. "We are experiencing a very rapid change where skilled artists select all of their instruments, including the specific recording gear," he said.

Crowley and Tripp microphones are made in Ashland, MA, by people who know the art and science of acoustics. Roswellite-equipped ribbon microphones include the Naked Eye Roswellite and el Diablo models.

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