Crispin installs System 2000 at WFTX-TV

WFTX-TV, the Fox affiliate in Cape Coral, FL, has taken delivery of a System 2000 suite of applications to support asset management, satellite recording, media ingest, device control, traffic translation and on-air playback.

The Crispin solution includes five workstations, each focused on a specific workflow task.
WFTX uses Crispin's ArchiveManager (CAM) with an external nearline RAID to archive assets. With CAM, operators can clearly view media object detail, transfer requests and status messages along with video server and archive content.

All archived material can be readily available for airing and dubbing through drag and drop asset transfers. An integrated database allows lookup of assets and supports volume export for optical disk libraries.

The system will prompt for insertion of the needed media and automatically restore the native format file back to the video server for play-to-air. CAM is integrated with automation and does not require middleware to manage the actual archive volumes.

The project includes a 16 bay, redundant power supply RAID capable of 5.2TB of useable storage.

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