Clear-Com to showcase Tempest2400 wireless intercom at AES 2009

Clear-Com Communication Systems will make the East Coast debut of its Tempest2400 wireless intercom system at AES 2009. Tempest2400 operates in a license-free frequency band where it is fundamentally resistant to interference from other wireless devices. It can be operated indoors and outdoors.

By using 2.4GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) with TDMA technology, the Tempest2400 RF scheme avoids the need for licensing and frequency coordination. In addition, once registered to a base station, a beltpack needs no further configuration and roams freely within a single zone area.

Each base station supports up to five full-duplex, four-audio-channel digital wireless beltpacks. By stacking up to 10 base stations together, 50 independent, full-duplex wireless beltpacks can operate together in a single system.