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Clear-Com DX410 Intercom System Now Shipping

ALAMEDA, CALIF.—The DX410, Clear-Com’s two-channel 2.4 GHz digital wireless intercom system, is now shipping.


With a 7 kHz wideband audio, the DX410 expands audio range and increases intelligibility in high RF environments. An upgraded radio and a lost packet concealment capability are also featured to deliver improvements in range, performance and sound.

The intercom system also features 2-wire and 4-wire bridging and 2-wire auto-nulling. Bridging allows the option for combining the 2-wire and 4-wire ports together on either channel A or B, which allows operators to use a 4-wire out to send all audio to a mixer, matrix intercom or other audio source. The 2-wire auto-nulling enables integration with Clear-Com or TW wired partyline systems.

In addition, a frequency hopping system is utilized by the DX410 to offer spectrum-friendly and Adaptive Frequency Hopping modes to avoid interference with Wi-Fi, while operating in the 2.4 GHz band does not require radio licensing for use.