Chyron Broadens Offerings

Chyron Corp. unveiled a string of new product announcements and version upgrades at NAB2003 that significantly broaden the depth of the company's technology offerings.

At the company's press conference, Chyron President and CEO Michael Wellesley-Wesley offered an upbeat view of the broadcast marketplace as a result of progressively stronger sales in 2002, which he termed "... a marked pickup across our broadcast lines."

Chyron's ProBel line of routers saw additions in large and small configurations. ProBel's Sirius family was extended with the addition of a 256 x 256 crosspoint multiformat router, the Sirius 256, which is capable of format conversion between crosspoints.

The new ProBel Halo router family adapts the division's SD and HD digital router technology to form the core of low-cost 16 x 16 and 32-x-32 router models. Halo systems, which share ProBel control protocols with the firm's other router families, are offered as options for smaller routing requirements.

Chyron also announced the availability of Procion 2, the latest version of the Windows-based ProBel router control software. The new version adds easy-to-use GUI design features as well as improved open protocol networking support.

Two new graphics products took center stage in Chyron's NAB2003 announcements. Chyron's first laptop-based CG system, SOLO, consists of a Chyron-approved laptop and 3-pound PCMCIA companion unit containing Chyron's PCI CG/squeezeback card. The system utilizes Chyron Lyric content creation and playout software as well as applications from CAL, the Chyron Application Library.

Chyron also launched MicroScribe, a digital CG in a 1 RU package. MicroScribe supports Lyric CG software and Chyron's NewsCrawl Lite ticker application. According to Rich Hajdu, vice president of sales and marketing, "You'll see a lot of MicroScribes in sports, schools, and churches--places where you wouldn't have seen Chyron before."

Hajdu and Wellesley-Wesley said that the company's expanded offerings have resulted in a broader range of applications for customers. "We've made the change from the high-ticket iNFiNiT! world," said Hajdu. "People are coming to us not just for products, but for solutions."
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