China's West Pearl Tower gets new transmission capability

The 1112ft West Pearl Tower, a landmark in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, China, has recently stepped up in its role as a telecommunications services provider to the city's 10 million with new FM radio and VHF and UHF TV broadcast systems from Radio Frequency Systems (RFS).

The installation consolidates a disparate array of smaller broadcast facilities located outside the city and helps to prepare the country for its migration to digital television.

RFS supplied, installed and commissioned the end-to-end RF system, which is composed of a complex array of antennas, feeders, switch frames and combiners. In total, the new West Pearl Tower facility supports six separate 10kW FM radio services (with provision for expansion to 10), two 10kW VHF Band III TV services, and six 30kW UHF TV services. Two of the UHF channels have been earmarked for DTV.

At the top of the tower, three separate eight-level, eight-sided broadband panel arrays, built on the RFS PHP panel series, support the six UHF services. Each of the three DTV-ready UHF systems also relies on a RFS two-channel directional waveguide combiner and RFS rapid-release U-link switch frame.

The additional RFS VHF TV systems are made up of an eight-level, four-sided VHF Band III broadband panel array supported by a two-channel coaxial combiner. The RFS VHF FM systems include a VHF Band II array supported by a six-channel FM combiner — plus associated switch frames and transmission line.

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