CBS News turns to Fujitsu to encode HD convention contribution

The news organization used the Fujitsu IP-9500e to encode its HD coverage of this summer’s political conventions
The Fujitsu IP-9500e video encoder enabled CBS News to multiplex 10 to 14 HD video channels from this summer’s political conventions for transmission to the CBS control room in New York in the amount of bandwidth normally allocated to its SD feeds.

CBS News relied on the Fujitsu IP-9500e as its broadcast contribution video encoder for its coverage of the Democratic and Republican national conventions this summer in HD.

The IP-9500e enabled CBS News to send high-quality HD video feeds from the convention floors, as well as Invesco Field, to its new HD Control Room 47 in New York City with low encode/decode latency.

The highly compressed HD video stream from the IP-9500e enabled the multiplexing of 10 to 14 HD video channels and the simultaneous transmission of them to the CBS control room over terrestrial IP networks with bandwidth traditionally associated with SD feeds.

The HD video quality met CBS's stringent video quality requirements and was free of lip-sync issues normally associated with such multiplexed configurations.

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