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Cartoni Supports Dynamic Sports Video

Cartoni’s Maxima camera headFT. LAUDERDALE, FLA.—Ross Mobile Productions, a division of Ross Video, specializes in mobile sports production. We’ve brought innovation to the business of packaged sports broadcast services through the use of high-capability, small-format vehicles. This concept has allowed us to provide cost-effective production services for sporting events on a par that’s equal to that seen in major network sports programming.

Our company provides mobile video production services for many different types of sporting events, ranging from basketball and football to cricket and horse jumping. We operate a fleet of five mobile production vehicles that service events in more than 30 states from bases in Florida and New York.

A big component in our mobile video production model is the use of Cartoni fluid camera heads and tripods. We make heavy use of both the company’s Maxima and Delta heads. Each combines ultra-light construction, affordability, smooth performance and ease of use. We use the Cartoni heads with top-of-the-line cameras and lens packages and want to back up these expensive systems with high-quality fluid heads and tripods to provide the highest quality sports video while also protecting our investment.

Our mobile operations have more than doubled in size during the past year. We now have more than 20 Cartoni heads in our inventory and have just ordered several more. We particularly like their Maxima head due to its ability to easily support payloads ranging from zero to 86 pounds and also its patented counterbalance system which delivers extremely smooth performance and perfect balance throughout the full 180-degree tilt range.

Recently we sent one of our trucks to the Bahamas to cover the Big Blue Tour, a men’s college basketball event that marked the launch of the new SEC Network. Also, we served as the host broadcaster for an ITF Davis Cup tennis match that included live feeds to Israel, Argentina and the Tennis Channel. The event was moved from Israel to Florida on short notice due to security concerns and there were just a couple of weeks to work out the logistics. To cover the matches we employed a mobile truck and a five-camera, network-style production setup.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality, most affordable productions in the market, and the Cartoni heads and tripods are part of the reason we’re able to do so. They have certainly lived up to their reputation in these applications.

Cartoni heads and tripods allow our operators to capture sports action with the same fluidity, range and dynamism as seen network broadcasts, in a mobile production setup that’s smaller, easier to use and less costly. Cartoni’s camera support products help to ensure that our production value is the best it can possibly be. They are helping us change the business of sports broadcasting for the better.

Mitch Rubenstein is president of Ross Mobile Productions and has worked in sports broadcasting for more than 15 years. He may be contacted

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