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Canopus Releases Real Time Editing Stations

Canopus Corp. has announced that it will begin to ship two new realtime editing stations, the RES-150 and RES Flex Series, later this month.

The RES systems feature DVStorm2, with hardware MPEG encoding and StormBay breakout box to deliver realtime, including five simultaneous video streams, unlimited title and graphics layers, 3D effects, MPEG encoding and DV output. The RES systems also provide realtime color correction with waveform/vectorscope, variable speed control, a DV chroma key, auto white balance and region filter.

The RES-150 will start at $5,499 and is powered by an Intel Pentium 43 GHz processor with 1 GB of DDR memory, a 40 GB system drive, a 160 GB disk array and software bundle. Canopus says the RES Flex Series, which starts at $6,999, can be custom built to include component video I/O, faster processors, increased AV storage or more memory as well as features and software from the RES-150.