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Canon unveils multipurpose zoom lens for 2/3in ENG cameras

Canon (opens in new tab) has introduced the KJ22ex7.6B, the newest member of its second-generation line of cost-effective HDgc portable HD lenses.

First introduced in 2006, the HDgc lenses were intended to work with the emerging wave of cost-effective HD camcorders targeted at HD newsgathering and budget-conscious HD productions. These lens families encompass the 2/3in, 1/2in and 1/3in HD image format sizes.

The Canon KJ22ex7.6B is designed as a multipurpose telephoto lens for 2/3in ENG cameras. Striking a balance between size, weight and optical performance, the lens encompasses a wide range of focal lengths while also providing a modest wide angle of almost 65 degrees in the 16:9 HD image format. This feature provides camera operators with flexible image-framing options, especially for outdoor shooting.

Additional design optimizations include large-diameter aspherical lens elements that contribute to a better control of chromatic aberration, geometric distortion and corner resolution.