Canon Unveils Low-Light, Multi-Purpose Camera

MELVILLE, N.Y. – Canon has announced the first camera in a planned line of multi-purpose cameras, the ME20F-SH. This new camera features a 35mm full-frame CMOS HD sensor and is designed to capture full color images in low-light conditions without the need for infrared illumination; specifically nature/wildlife documentaries, nighttime security and cinema and reality TV show production.


The ME20F-SH camera’s CMOS sensor captures images in a 16x9 aspect ratio with individual pixels measuring 19 μm square, more than 5.5 times the surface area of pixels on CMOS sensors in some other interchangeable lens cameras. The pixels help the camera achieve reduced noise and high sensitivity on subjects with a minimum illumination of less than 0.0005 lux. The ME20F-SH can capture images in 1080p resolution at 23.98fps to 60fps.

In a conference call introducing the product, Chuck Westfall, product planning advisor, Canon ITCG Business Planning Group, offered an example of the ME20F-SH’s low-light capabilities. “We’ve seen footage that was produced under testing conditions with a single candle illuminating a waterfall at a distance of 10m from the camera and they were able to get motion video of that waterfall.”

The camera is essentially a black cube, with the same EF mount as Canon’s Cinema EOS cameras, a built-in exhaust fan, and various ports to connect with monitors and computers. Its output only 3G/HD-SDI and HDMI terminals allow users to output and record video to external equipment, however, there is not built-in recording media.

In addition, with programmable buttons on the back of the camera, the ME20F-SH can be either hand-operated or remote control operated by a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Canon expects to release the ME20F-SH in Dec. 2015 at a suggested retail price of $30,000.