Canon 20x Portable HD Zoom With 2x Extender

Newest addition to the Canon HDgc Series of lenses
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Canon has introduced the newest member in its HDgc Series of portable HD zoom lenses. The new KJ20x8.2B IRSD portable HD lens is specifically designed to support low-cost image acquisition systems for a wide range of applications and users, from broadcast ENG to professional freelance HD shooters.

Features include built-in 2x extender, which means the IRSD offers greatly improved subject framing flexibility. At 8.2mm, the new KJ20x8.2B IRSD is also Canon’s widest lens in the 20x zoom class, with 8.2mm-164mm focal length expanding to 16.4mm-328mm with 2x extender. The lens also has minimised axial and lateral chromatic aberrations, coma aberrations and geometric distortion.

The new optical materials and multi-layer optical coatings used in the lens effectively lessen the ghosting, flare and veiling glare that might be stimulated by strong light sources.

The KJ20x8.2B also has a high MTF (modulation transfer function) at the picture centre that is well controlled right out to the picture extremities. This high MTF is sustained even when focal length and object distance are being adjusted.