Calrec to feature eight-SDI input Hydra audio networking system

At the upcoming AES, Calrec will feature several fixed-format I/O units, including a new eight-SDI input Hydra de-embedding I/O unit that is twice as powerful as the previous-generation four-SDI input product. The new eight-SDI input unit extracts up to 128 channels of synchronous or asynchronous embedded audio from as many as eight HD/SD streams, making these channels available to all consoles on Calrec's Hydra network.

Hydra enables Calrec digital mixing consoles to share I/O resources and control data. The Hydra network uses GigE fabric to provide high bandwidth and a scalable, flexible architecture, enabling precise tailoring of the system to the requirements of each installation.

With up to 96 inputs or outputs, analog or digital, Hydra's remote I/O units may be connected on the same network to provide remotely located sources and destinations that can be used by any or all of the mixing consoles.

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