Calrec, Ross Team on Remote Audio Console Control

At NAB, Calrec Audio will introduce Remote Audio Protocol (RAP), a technology initiative developed with partner Ross Video Ltd. The collaboration allows remote control of fader modules on any Calrec console. On a basic level, this protocol enables a vision mixer to take control over the serial interface to autofades on the Calrec desk.

The RAP interface provides individual control of faders, cuts, and PFL of up to 192 faders on the Calrec console directly from the Ross OverDrive Automated Production Control System. Such high level of integration enables the control of both audio and video on any given broadcast from the vision switcher or OverDrive system, which reduces production costs.

Calrec also will introduce the Offline Editor that can emulate the Calrec console PC application on any other PC, such as a laptop. This allows remote configuration of any Calrec console, saving time onsite.

The Offline Editor is designed for operators working on a tight schedule, such as freelancers planning for a specific outside broadcast. The Offline Editor also enables the desk to be preconfigured while it is still in use, a practical feature for control rooms, which are subjected to constant use with fast turnaround between broadcasts.

Calrec will be at Booth N8723.