Cache-A announces integration into leading SAN, NAS systems

Cache-A Corporation has announced that its line of archive appliances is now integrated with storage systems from four of the industry's leading manufacturers. These include the network-attached storage (NAS) systems from Archion and the storage area network (SAN) systems from Facilis, Storage Network Solutions and StorNext.

Cache-A recently featured all of its products that integrate with these NAS/SAN systems —Pro-Cache5, Power-Cache and Prime-Cache5 — at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB 2012) in Las Vegas, NV.

The SAN/NAS integration enables Cache-A archive appliances to mount directly to those storage platforms and allows end users to pull data directly from those storage platforms. Previously, a client was needed to see both the Cache-A device and the SAN/NAS. Now, by eliminating the need to tie up another client, faster data transfers are possible, particularly because of GigE, rather than Fibre Channel, connectivity.

In addition to SAN and NAS integration, Cache-A products now feature its latest Version 2.1 software release. Many of these new capabilities were originally included in the new Power-Cache and are now available without charge across the entire Cache-A product line.

Highlights of these new features include:
• Job queue: The ability to queue jobs from multiple users or events and automatically run jobs in sequence improves productivity in demanding user environments;
• Better status reporting in the transfer summary: New status reporting shows users more information about the progress of file transfers;
• ASP protocol: Now offers the ability to directly mount Apple file shares, improving performance and convenience in Mac environments;
• Configuration of multiple Ethernet ports: New network configuration controls give users the ability to set up and view the status of each Ethernet port.