Bulgarian NURTS Digital awards Harris $8 million contract for DVB-T transmitters

Bulgarian TV transmission network operator NURTS Digital EAD has awarded Harris a nearly $8 million contract to transition the country to DVB-T to OTA digital television (DTV). Analog switch-off is scheduled for early 2013 in Bulgaria.

Harris, in cooperation with its Bulgarian dealer, New Tek, will supply 196 transmission sites with Maxiva UAX DVB-T air-cooled transmitters and low-power Maxiva UAX Compact Class gap filler systems with power ratings between 10W and 1kW. Maxiva UAX transmitter designs are based on the Harris PowerSmart architecture.

The transmitters also include Harris Apex M2X software-defined exciters to maximize OTA signal quality and performance. 

The pre-assembled transmission systems, now being delivered, are ready for installation upon arrival. For Harris, this project represents the latest in a series of DVB-T and DVB-T2 digital migrations, which are the leading DTV standards in the central European region.