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BTX announces EXPAND-ON cable sleeve applicator

BTX has introduced EXPAND-ON, a machine that eliminates the tedious process of applying expandable sleeving to a cable bundle. EXPAND-ON is designed to work with cable bundles of 50ft, 100ft and longer, and to accommodate sleeving from a half-inch to 1.75in.

EXPAND-ON reduces the time it takes to apply expandable sleeving by enabling installers to load the sleeving over the tube, push the wire bundle through until it appears out of the other end and then pull both the sleeving and wire bundle together to the desired length.

Three different EXPAND-ON kits are available. The Deluxe Kit features a base unit, a stand to mount the machine and a full set of tubes. The Complete Kit includes a base unit that can be mounted to a standard bench and a full set of tubes, while the Single Kit consists of the base unit and the most popular 1in tube.

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