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BTS to introduce entry-level broadcast traffic management system

Broadcast Traffic Systems (BTS) has developed a downloadable broadcast traffic management system based on its established BTS Enterprise application, called BTS Express. The new lower-cost software provides traffic and ad-sales management for single-channel or multichannel presentation suites and playout centers. New browser-based input screens make the product immediately familiar to anyone who uses the Internet.

Express is an entry-level application designed for broadcasters that require an efficient, affordable and scalable means of media-traffic control and supervision. It is based on three modules, which together provide all the features necessary to manage advertising sales and traffic, including program planning, traffic scheduling, transmission scheduling, as-run scheduling and media management.

Customers can select only the modules they need to support their current level of business. The basic Express System module consists of the infrastructure required to operate a single channel. The Express Scheduling option adds a media library, program library, promo library, long-term scheduling and presentation scheduling. The Express Sales option incorporates all the facilities required for sales administration, contract management, sales finance and invoicing. Express can be quickly expanded through the addition of extra elements or through a full upgrade to BTS Enterprise.

Express works on standard servers running Windows, or Linux with a Microsoft SQL or My-SQL database. It can be downloaded and implemented via the Internet, significantly reducing implementation costs. A quick-start set of instructions along with Internet-based training enables operators to become familiar with the system and its browser-based interface quickly and easily. Playlists can be exported to third-party automation systems. As-run logs can be imported to reconcile planned output with the actual items transmitted. A full set of management reporting and graphical analysis tools is tightly integrated with the main operating database to ensure information is always current.