BSI relies on Link HD wireless camera system to win CBS contract

CBS has awarded Broadcast Sports Inc. (BSI) the contract for all CBS golf in 2007 and beyond in a multiyear deal won using Link HD Wireless Camera Transmit Systems provided by Microwave Radio Communications.

A “shoot-out” among competitive vendors was held at the Medina Country Club in August and completed soon after in a more controlled environment with extended tests held at the CBS labs in New York City. In the end, Broadcast Sports came out on top.

In the lab, all key performance parameters were retested, including end-to-end video latency, which also played a key roll in the final decision. The Link system achieves end-to-end HD encode/decode latency of 50ms.

BSI will be using the Link HD Systems to broadcast live HD footage for golf coverage on CBS as well as other sporting events in 2007. There will be a range of six to 14 Link HD Transmit Systems used at each of the more than 20 U.S.-based PGA Tour Events.

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