Broadcasters move to Wheatstone Evolution 6

Wheatstone has sold its Evolution 6 control surface to disparate broadcasters in both radio and television, including KDVR, Channel 31 in Denver and a FOX network affiliate, which purchased two 24-channel Evolution 6 digital audio control surfaces. The devices will be used at both KDVR TV and KWGN TV, which shares the facility. A smaller 16-fader E6 control surface has been chosen by National Public Radio station WVTF in Roanoke, VA, for its new showcase studio in Charlottesville. The WVTF system includes the control surface plus an 88e mix engine square, 88a analog I/O square and an 88d digital I/O square.

The E6 is a networkable, router-based system with all I/O separate from the mixing control surface for ease of installation and configuration. The system's E-Sat I/O frames network together via Wheatstone's Wheatnet audio network switch, allowing complete sharing of I/O resources. At KDVR and KWGN in Denver, this configuration will allow either control surface to back up the other.

The mix engine square and I/O squares form a GigE-connected audio network under command of the E6 control surface. Wheatstone’s Glass E virtual console software application will allow WVTF-Roanoke chief engineer Paxton Durham to control the new Charlottesville radio studio directly from the station’s main facility in Roanoke.

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