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Broadcast Pix Upgrades Controls on Slate

Broadcast Pix Slate 5000 Broadcast Pix unveiled new camera control software for its line of Slate video production switchers. With the new software option, the Broadcast Pix switcher operator can control eight or more of Panasonic's new integrated-function AW-HE100 robotic cameras.

The system provides camera operations without the need for a second control surface, and allows the video switcher operator to control pan, tilt and zoom functions via a three-access joystick. Fast and slow camera movements are initiated based on the amount of force applied to the joystick.

In addition to two-axis movement, the system also provides iris control and CCU functions such as white balance. It has a preset system for frequently used positions and settings. The new Panasonic robotic software joins previous Broadcast Pix releases for Hitachi and Sony robotic cameras.