Broadcast Pix Releases Granite & Mica V5.0 Software

BILLERICA, MASS.—Broadcast Pix’s Granite and Mica production switchers have received an upgrade with the release of the Version 5.0 software. New features of the software includes new Virtual Studios virtual set platform, expanded support for third-party IP-based cameras and streaming appliances, and the ability to correct content issues with Source Controls in real-time.

Virtual Studios is a combination of Broadcast Pix’s ClearKey chromakey technology with virtual backgrounds for up to eight cameras. The platform preserves natural light and shadows from the set to provide a more realistic background. Virtual Studios also allows multi-box DVE compositions to be scaled to full screen or squeezed back into the box effect; it also does not require optical camera tracking systems.

Source Controls, meanwhile, enables users to reposition logos, squeeze video to compensate for incorrect aspect ratios, and other content issues in real-time. It allows live cameras, internal clips and graphics to be resized and moved via DVE before being applied to a keyer. Custom settings can be applied, and can be saved as macro for easy recall.

Additional features from V5.0 include the expansion of robotic camera control to IP-based cameras from Sony, Marshall Electronics, and Vaddio. Up to 12 cameras can be controlled through one Broadcast Pix system. Integrated IP control of Matrox Monarch and Monarch HDX streaming and recording appliances is also part of the upgrade.

For customers still under warranty, upgrading to V5.0 is free. If not, the V5.0 upgrade is available for $995. Version 5.0 will be available for Broadcast Pix’s Flint and Roadie systems at an upcoming date.