Brazilian MIXTV installs Dielectric UHF antenna

Brazilian television broadcaster MIXTV has purchased and installed a Dielectric Communications TUM UHF broadband elliptically polarized antenna.

The antenna, which replaces a temporary DTV installation constructed late last year, provides MIXTV with a permanent solution for broadcasting unilaterally to viewers in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and 28 neighboring cities.

MIXTV’s new TUM antenna, purchased at NAB2008, airs the combined output of three NEC transmitters: an analog transmitter at 60kW for Channel 14; a DTV transmitter at 20kW for Channel 15; and an analog transmitter at 60kW for Channel 16.

The TUM antenna is a high-power broadband antenna with a variable polarization ratio — from elliptical polarization to full circular polarization. This design allows for a wide range of omni or directional pattern options, as well as elevation pattern requirements, such as beam tilt and null fill.

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