Blue Microphones announces Woodpecker active ribbon mic

At the recent NAMM show, Blue Microphones announced its newest product, the Woodpecker, an active ribbon microphone. Described as having a low-noise, warm, detailed sound, the Woodpecker is a hand-built design featuring an aluminum ribbon engine and exotic wood finish.

Beneath the luxurious exterior, the Woodpecker is a precision-crafted recording tool, combining the low noise and superb detail of handmade Class-A discrete electronics with the bold sound of a handmade aluminum ribbon pressure-gradient transducer.

Like all traditional ribbon mics, the Woodpecker features a bidirectional polar pattern, a 26mV sensitivity and withstands an impressive 136dB SPL with a dynamic range of 114dB when powered by standard 48V phantom power.

The Woodpecker was designed to provide the smooth, intimate sound associated with the most sought-after vintage ribbon microphones. With its focused midrange and bass response, the Woodpecker captures the essence of any recorded sound. It also excels at ambient recording, capturing room tone with the most intimate detail. The Woodpecker package includes a custom solid brass shock mount and wood storage box. It is expected to ship by the end of March 2008.

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