BitGravity introduces content security suite for Internet media distribution

At NAB2008, BitGravity unveiled BG Secure, a suite of products that offers Internet media properties the ability to protect their copyrighted content from pirating technologies without disrupting the user experience.

The BitGravity suite of security products includes:

  • StreamGuard, a technology that provides security for streaming video by using a dynamic protocol that prevents Flash-based streams from being saved and retrieved from a user's hard drive.
  • SecureAccess, which limits access to content based on expiration time, geo-blocking, IP address, URL, browser type, cookies and other parameters by providing each user with multiple unique keys.
  • CacheControl, which eliminates content on the client and prevents easy copying of files stored in cache.

BitGravity's Dynamic Security Protocol (DSP) randomizes the downloading of content instead of providing a single, persistent stream. By creating a random sequence of content "puzzle pieces" that are not reassembled until they reach the media player, determining a fixed method for capturing content is impossible with DSP.

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