Bitcentral Transforms WCSC-TV

Earlier this year, we rebuilt our entire news infrastructure. Everything was upgraded, from editing to high-definition production.

by Mike Gurthie
Chief Engineer

CHARLESTON, S.C. WCSC-TV is a CBS affiliate and produces 38 hours of local news a week. We are the market leader in all head-to-head newscasts. The station has enjoyed this position of dominance for some time now, which is a testament to our staff and our strong product. From a technical standpoint, however, we had been working for sometime with an assortment of systems that didn't really synchronize well.

Our parent company, Raycom Media, shares our understanding of the importance of cutting-edge technology. Earlier this year, we rebuilt our entire news infrastructure. Everything was upgraded, from editing to high-definition production.

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We were confident in our selection of Bitcentral's Precis News production, as well as the Oasis news archive and sharing systems, because of the real-time content sharing functionality. Bitcentral is well-known and experienced in massive station overhauls, providing thorough and intensive training programs for the entire staff, as well sending out ultra-detailed on-site technicians to make sure every angle and aspect is covered in installation.

Our implementation of the Bitcentral equipment was flawless and efficient. The great work and support provided by the Bitcentral team enabled the WCSC-TV engineering staff to focus on other key items and build a digital control room that rivals any others.

We launched four major platforms from Bitcentral simultaneously. These included the Precis end-to-end and turnkey news production system; the Oasis online archiving and file share system; eight new Edius edit bays and six remote edit stations; a raw video repository platform; dual play-out control/servers; and new integration with ENPS.


We launched on time, and our first show went off without a hitch—thanks to the dedication of the WCSC-TV team combined with Bitcentral's training program.

The technical efficiency in the newsroom has skyrocketed since our initial launch. Everything is browser-based and file-based. Online storage of all content keeps everything at the touch of a button, and comes with a lower operational cost than maintaining a tape archive system. With the Oasis system, we have archiving capability and ENPS integration, allowing us to share stories easily and instantly between the Raycom stations with just the click of a mouse.

Launching four new major platforms and possessing the ability to seamlessly integrate everything at once was integral to our local broadcasting production. The decision to bring Bitcentral's innovative solutions into our new, advanced high-definition control room made WCSC a leader among television stations. We haven't just stepped into the digital revolution; we've dramatically increased our leading edge in the market for years to come.

Michael Gurthie joined WCSC-TV as chief engineer in 2006. He brought a wealth of knowledge in broadcast plant design and is an active member of Raycom Media's MCR design committee. He may be contacted at

For additional information, contact Bitcentral Inc. at 949-253-9000 or visit