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Beyerdynamic unveils portable camera receiver

Beyerdynamic has introduced the KE 900 camera receiver — a portable weatherproof audio receiver for newsgathering applications that allows quick, remote change of frequencies.

The receiver features a bandwidth of 24MHz and is compatible with transmitters from the company’s Opus 900 wireless system. Using the KE 900’s Automatic Channel Targeting (ACT) function, users are able to select one interference-free frequency from 100 preprogrammed UHF frequencies, to be transmitted via infrared to a corresponding pocket or handheld transmitter.

The KE 900 has an LCD screen that indicates the battery level of the transmitter (five-stage), frequency and channel, squelch, AF and RF level. Due to the device’s lock-function, transmissions can be protected against inadvertently pressing buttons.

Optional accessories include adapter plates to connect the receiver directly to a Sony or Ikegami camera slot, making it adaptable to any ENG setup. The KE 900 can be powered by an external DC power supply or a battery power adapter.

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