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Beyerdynamic to unveil Headzone portable surround mixing system

Beyerdynamic will roll out its new Headzone, a portable surround mixing system, at NAB2007.

Using current DSP technology, Headzone provides headphone-based 5.1 surround-sound reproduction and is well suited for a variety of applications, including studio, mobile recording and post production.

The company has added headtracking to its DT 800 PRO headphones. This ultrasonic-headtracking system locates the orientation of the listener's head with respect to the source material and adjusts the audio accordingly. An engineer recording with Headzone can move around while the source material remains fixed in position as if they were in a 5.1 control room.

Headzone's portability and small size offer an affordable, flexible and space-saving alternative to mix surround sound in live situations.

The system features a 5.1 digital FireWire input and six discreet analog inputs.

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