Belgian state broadcaster turns to Pro-Bel for automation

Flemish-language Belgian state broadcaster VRT has selected and deployed Pro-Bel’s Morpheus automaton system.

VRT sought to create a multichannel playout facility to integrate with its Digital Media Factory, a completely file-based central storage and production system using the MXF standard as its file storage and file exchange format.

The goal was to increase efficiency and enhance the broadcaster’s capabilities. VRT sought to run more channels using less manpower by providing a high level of integration and technological flexibility. The aim was also to facilitate a swift and effective move from SD to HD and surround sound when desired.

VRT installed a six-channel Morpheus system as well as Sirius and Freeway routing technology, Aurora router control and a variety of modules from Pro-Bel’s Vistek signal processing range. The broadcaster is also using Pro-Bel’s master control technology.

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