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Belden Goes Long, Launches New Audio Cable

Belden is launching a cable at the NAB Show aimed at superior performance over long distances. The new plenum-rated RG-11 precision digital video coaxial cable—the Brilliance 7732LL—offers significant performance enhancements over Belden’s previous plenum-rated version (Product No. 7732A), especially when deployed in long cable runs for high-definition video (HD-SDI) or 1080p/60 applications, the company said, matching the performance of Belden’s non-plenum SDI/HDTV digital video cables (7731A).

Belden 7732LL

The new 7732LL cables also carry Belden’s highest level of guaranteed return loss performance.

“The new Brilliance 7732LL cable represents a breakthrough development in extending the signal transmission distance of plenum-rated copper video cables, without having to install fiber optic cabling,” said Steve Lampen, Belden’s Multimedia Technology manager. “As digital video progressed from SDI to HD-SDI and now to 1080p/60 and 1080p/50 (3G), these applications have placed greater length constraints on copper cables, especially plenum-rated. With this new product, the distance differential between plenum and non-plenum cables has been eliminated.”

Also at NAB, Belden is launching its Brilliance AES/EBU digital audio cable (Part No. 1353A), a single-pair cable that combines ruggedness, flexibility and installation efficiency with superior digital and analog sound performance, allowing facilities future-proof and ease the eventual transition from analog to digital audio.

The cable is designed for use in permanent installations of balanced-line analog or digital audio; in recording studios, radio and TV stations; and in commercial sound installations, such as auditoriums, stadiums and hotels, and other venues where conventional shielded audio cable would be used. It’s also suited for use in outdoor concerts and other events where the cabling may be subject to harsh environmental conditions and rough handling.

The new single-pair AES/EBU digital audio cable can also be used successfully in balanced-line analog applications. Its low capacitance results in excellent analog audio performance, even over long cable runs.

It features 24 AWG stranded (7x32) bare copper conductors.

Belden’s patented Bonded-Pair design provides ruggedness during installation and the maximum rejection of noise from other cables at all frequencies.

At NAB, Belden will also exhibit super-reliable Ethernet switches by Hirschmann (a Belden brand), the NonStop Wireless Network by Trapeze (a Belden brand) and Belden’s System 10GX, a collection of 10 Gigabit Bonded-Pair UTP data cables, patch panels and connectivity components for broadcasters migrating to high-speed Ethernet networks.

The company will also show its Cable Management Configurator, a software program which allows reconfiguration of racks and enclosures in about 10 minutes.

Belden will be at Booth C6508.