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BBC Technology Inspires BAL

Technology licensed from the BBC has enabled the development of BAL Broadcast's new Floorman quad split wireless multi-viewer system.

The system allows four picture sources, including one from a teleprompter, to be viewed on one cable free handheld screen. As a result, Floorman allows programme set up and direction directly from the studio floor, significantly reducing production time and cost. The monitor is easy to operate via touch screen functionality, simplifying the process of switching between quad and full screen views and can be powered either from the integrated battery or via a battery belt.

The unit's combiner/encoder accepts four composite or SDI signals and feeds the modulator/transmitter with an ASI signal. It also has a DVI-D output for standard studio monitoring. Floorman offers diversity reception and licensed UHF channel transmission (selectable from 21 to 68), making it ideal for either studio or OB applications and eliminating picture loss. The combiner and transmitter each come housed in 1U high 19" unit.