BBC Natural History Utilizes Panasonic VariCam

BERKSHIRE, ENGLAD—Following a three month test shoot, BBC Natural History has placed an order for both the 4K and high speed versions of Panasonic’s VariCam.

VariCam 35

The new VariCam has the ability to shoot a 4K recording at 120fps, an HD recording of 240fps, the ability to record multiple formats simultaneously, and dual ISO at both 800 and 5000. It also features a 35mm 4K unit that is separate from the recording module unit, allowing interchange with Panasonic’s High Speed 2/3-inch camera module unit. The recorder and camera head can be split apart using an extension cable of up to 20 meters.

BBC’s Natural History Unit previously used VariCams on productions including “Planet Earth,” “Frozen Planet,” and “Africa.”