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Product News


Aspect HD v2.5

Aspect HD version 2.5 for Adobe Premiere Pro is now shipping at a new price of $499. Aspect HD v2.5 adds support for Sony's new HDR-FX1 HDV camcorder and will support Sony's HVR-Z1U Professional HDV camcorder (see below) which is anticipated to ship in 1Q05.

Additionally, portions of CineForm Intermediate technologies have been licensed to Adobe to enable future support of HDV editing for all users of Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 through an Adobe plug-in that will be available early next year.


HDC120P 12mm Heavy-Duty Hybrid Fiber Optic Cable

Gepco has introduced the HDC120P 12mm heavy-duty hybrid fiber optic cable to its family of camera cable products. SMPTE 311M compliant, the HDC120P was designed specifically for HD camera to CCU interconnections in studio or mobile production environments.

This new third-generation design offers the highest level of reliability through a unique outer jacket and a compacted cable core that improves both connector termination and performance.


360 SYSTEMS Image Server 2000 Control Interface

LEIGHTRONIX announces the release of a new control interface (PL360IS) that provides a communication link between the 360 SYSTEMS Image Server 2000 and the TCD/IP Network-Managed Video System Controller. The combined systems offer broadcast quality video recording, playback, and control, at a cost within reach for non-profit and independent cable and broadcast television operations.


Music 2 Hues

Two New Production Music CDs

Music 2 Hues has released two new production music CDs for its Flagship Series.

Fiddle Sticks adds to the selection of more southern style country music featuring fiddle. Knee-slapping and upbeat, these tracks project a feel of movement, excitement, and good times.
Neon Soul features tracks that span everything from R&B, soul, and hip-hop with guitar, sax, and orchestral strings featured throughout this CD.


AJ-SDC615 IEEE 1394, 16:9/4:3 DVCPRO Camcorder

Panasonic has announced the availability of the 16:9/4:3 AJ-SDC615, a new DVCPRO camcorder that offers three high-sensitivity 520,000 pixel, 2/3-inch IT CCDs and a built-in IEEE 1394 interface for in-field direct transfer of digital component video to a laptop nonlinear editing system.

The 11 pound camcorder provides 750 lines of resolution, a high 63dB signal-to-noise ratio, a high sensitivity of F13 at 2000 lux, and low-light shooting down to 0.1 lux (at +48dB) with minimal smear.

Pinnacle Systems

Deko3000 HD CG For Live HD Graphics

This is the eagerly anticipated HD version of the FXDeko II CG's toolkit, delivering FXDeko II quality, effects, and flexibility at native HD (720p and 1080i) resolutions is now shipping. Deko3000 HD lets the operator perform 2D and 3D animation on a page, a row, a layer, a word, a character--even on details within a character to create on demand shimmers and glows. Internal clip playback with key matte is standard on Deko3000 HD providing full design motion without the expense of a separate video server. (opens in new tab).


Porta-Glide Dolly Sleds

Solving the problem of flat spots on dolly wheels, each of the new Porta-Glide sled's 16 wheels has a different diameter. They are positioned on the wheel block so that all wheels are touching simultaneously, and, like the other systems, these wheels will flatten slightly. However, as they turn, instead of 16 flat spots hitting in unison, each of Porta-Glide sled's wheels returns to its flat spot at a different time, making the spot undetectable.

Porta-Glide, which includes two sleds, is $1495.


HVR-Z1U Camcorder and HVR-M10U VTR

Sony has released details about its HVR-Z1U HDV camcorder (a 3-CCD camcorder that records HDV in 1080i) and announced its HVR-M10U HDV VTR.

The HVR-Z1U HDV 1080 camcorder can record DV, DVCAM, and HDV images at 1080 60i, 1080 50i, 30fps, 25fps or 24fps--in either SD or HD.
The camcorder uses three 1/3-inch, 16:9 native CCDs with Super HAD technology and includes a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T 12x optical zoom.
Other features of the HVR-Z1U include CineFrame and CinemaTone functions for "cinema-like" recordings (25F/30F/24F), hyper gain, manual iris control with 24 steps, SMPTE timecode with user presets, color correction, and built-in HD-to-SD downconversion playback.
The HVR-M10U HDV 1080 VTR can record and play back HDV 1080, DVCAM, and DV SP; it can also play back video recorded in 720/30p. The 1080 recorded image can also be downconverted to SD output mode directly from the VTR or camcorder in the digital or analog domain.
The HVR-Z1U camcorder ($4,900) and HVR-M10U VTR ($3,700) will be available in February.
Sony's Vegas 5 can be used for HDV editing and connectivity using CineForm's Connect HD.