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Product News

AJA Video Systems

Io LD & Io LA

AJA Video Systems has announced two new small and lower-cost products in the Io family, Io LD and Io LA. Io LD is designed to work with SDI digital systems and Io LA for analog component or composite systems. Both work with Final Cut Pro 4, connect to the Apple Power Mac with a single 400MB FireWire cable and have multichannel 24-bit audio, RS-422 machine control, and Genlock.

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Anthro Corporation

Instrument Cart

Anthro Corporation, Technology Furniture, has introduced the Instrument Cart. The all-metal cart has a small footprint, which makes it easy to transport instruments down aisles and around corners. It comes with two shelves on a sturdy metal frame with 3-inch hard rubber casters and a handle. The two legs feature 11/4-inch-wide cable channels to conceal and protect cables. Shelves can be installed at any height in 1-inch increments.

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BOXX Technologies

SDBOXX [pro]

BOXX Technologies has announced the SDBOXX [pro], a nonlinear editing system featuring Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore DVD, and Adobe Audition. It offers uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2 SD and support for NTSC and PAL video input and output to six channels of AES/EBU digital audio. The system includes the Bluefish444 Wildblue AV board, offering Genlock sync support, six channels AES/EBU digital audio, and YUV to RGB colorspace conversion.

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Canopus has launched the MVRD2200, a professional realtime MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding and decoding board. It is the successor to the Canopus Amber and features additional analog video signal filtering, cleaning and stabilization technology. An updated software development kit (SDK) provides full board function control and backward compatibility for Amber and MediaEdge applications.

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CPC has released MacCaption, a captioning system that imports, formats, and time stamps caption text, as well as encoding text as closed captions onto all video formats—using software only. It does not require a hardware encoder; users do not have to go down a generation when encoding captions. MacCaption is based on CPC’s Windows-based CaptionMaker software.

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Datavideo recently introduced the TLM-404, a 4-inch, rack-mounted, full-color, active matrix LCD video panel. It is designed so that no matter where the monitors are mounted, the display pivots (and locks) to accommodate a standing person or a seated one. Also, the chroma and level controls are recessed. The TLM-404 is available with a holder built for Datavideo’s SE-800 4-DV input mixer.

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Digital Film Tools

55mm 3.0 Filters

Digital Film Tools has released 55mm 3.0, a set of digital optical filters available as a plug-in for Macintosh or Windows versions of Adobe After Effects and After Effects-compatible programs, Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Avid editing systems and Adobe Photoshop.

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Digital Video Computing (DVC)

ClipRecorder HD-200 LE

DVC has released the ClipRecorder HD-200 LE, an uncompressed HD disk recorder that records and stores 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 in 8/10 bit. All HD rasters and frame rates are supported, as well as Panasonic Varicam camcorders. It also supports network GUI for operation and control from any network client, WMT-9 Proxy/MPEG-2 encoding, and advanced file system for direct recording and storage in dpx and Cineon file formats.

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inferno, flame, and flint Upgrades

Discreet expects to ship new versions of compositing and visual effects systems inferno 5.5, flame 8.5, and flint 8.5 in early 2004. inferno 5.5 and flame 8.5 will offer a range of new creative features, including new visual effects capabilities from Discreet’s PHOTO-processing research group; Discreet’s Master Keyer; 10-bit media support; Color Warper enhancements; the addition of Discreet’s GMask gradient technology to the Discreet Keyer; and new Logic Ops options (transparency, blend, divide).

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Doremi Labs


Doremi Labs has introduced the HDVI-10, an SDI video to DVI converter. Users can employ the HDVI-10 to turn a computer LCD monitor into an SDI or high definition video monitor. The system accepts SDI or HD-SDI video and automatically converts the signal to the DVI format. Depending on the display, it will either scale the video to fit the screen or output the video without scaling.

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ERG Ventures

HDM-EV30D HD Monitor

ERG Ventures has introduced the HDM-EV30D LCD HD monitor, ideal for location filming. It offers enhanced color and gamma adjustment functions, additional framing markers, and a memory preset function. In addition, it features a wide and stable sight angle, panel brightness, and a color adjustment function that allows for near-exact color reproduction.

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Magni Systems

MCP-601-A & MCP-601-D

Magni Systems has added the MCP-601-A and MCP-601-D scan converters to its product line. The MCP-601-A is capable of converting digital DVI as well as analog XGA PC graphics and text and allows it to be overlaid, in realtime, onto an analog (YUV, S-video, or composite) signal. The MCP-601-D converts DVI and XGA graphics and text, and provides for realtime overlay onto a digital SDI-601 signal.

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Marshall Electronics


Marshall Electronics has recently introduced their new BC-0301-10 digital-to-analog module. It features simultaneous Composite Video and S-Video D/A (10-bit) conversion as well as 4x oversampling. Additional features include a built-in color bar generator, system indicator (PAL/NTSC), and dipswitch settings for pedestal (On/Off), UV level control (700ma/1000ma), clamping position (front porch/back porch), and clamping delay position (positive/negative).

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Media 100

Media 100 HD

Media 100 has introduced the Media 100 HD. Powered by new GenesisEngine (844/X) technology, called HDX, it features 10-bit, uncompressed, resolution-independent native HD and SD editing. The system also features realtime processing to support resolution independence, which permits editors to mix and match HD and SD source material in the same timeline. Media 100 HD also supports broadcast-quality format conversion between all HD and SD formats.

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A frame accurate, 4x1 IEEE-1394 switcher, the new FireSwitch allows up to four independent, non-synchronized DV sources to be connected and switched “glitch-free” for multi-camera live video production. Based on nNovia’s patent-pending DV switching technology, it adjusts its output rate to match the selected input source, and prevents the display of partial video frame data (glitches) as well as video data loss by switching exactly at the frame boundary.

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Panasonic has announced the availability of the AJ-SD755, a DVCPRO studio editing VTR that offers precise jog/shuttle control and an IEEE 1394 digital interface to facilitate computer-based nonlinear editing. It records for 184 minutes in DVCPRO and DV 4:1:1 25Mbps digital component format, and features auto-format playback detection for seamless playback of DVCPRO, DVCAM, and DV format cassettes.

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finalRender Stage-1

Self-service Internet render farm ResPower has announced its support for finalRender Stage-1, a Discreet-certified 3ds max plug-in. Users can log onto the ResPower website at any time and get the power of 250 2GHz computers integrated with finalRender Stage-1.

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Distributed by plus24, Sanken’s new CS-1 short shotgun microphone employs the same technology as previous Sanken mics but in a smaller, ultra-compact housing. Sharp directivity delivers targeted sound while eliminating background noise. Less than 8 inches in length, it’s ideal for mounting on video and film cameras, and with a weight of only 3.5 ounces, it is also easy to maneuver on boom poles.

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Softimage has launched the SOFTIMAGE| BEHAVIOR v.1.5, the latest version of its crowd effects software. It now enables users to build sophisticated behavioral simulations quickly and creatively. Along with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the SOFTIMAGE| BEHAVIOR v.1.5 system includes an SDK, as well as a batch processing module.

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Sony has introduced the DSR-PD170 compact camcorder to its DVCAM line. It builds on the legacy of its predecessor model, the DSR-PD150, and has such new features as minimum illumination improvement for low-light recording, increased from 2 to 1 lux; a new 2.5-inch Hybrid LCD SwivelScreen monitor, for improved viewing in bright sunlight; simultaneous turn-on of the LCD panel and viewfinder; and increased adjustment steps on iris control, from 12 to 24.

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Tools For Television

Tools For Television PRO
Tools For Television has recently introduced Tools For Television PRO, which automates and improves the way users work in Photoshop for video. It adds an additional palette to Photoshop that features a variety of specific tools and features. It also allows users to create video-specific files for safe grids, alpha channels, and convert graphics for video use. It also features automatic handling of square and non-square pixels.

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YEM International

SRC 1080

YEM International has introduced the SRC 1080 scan-rate converter. It can convert from a DVI signal into an HD SDI signal. Additionally, by simplifying the circuit, it becomes compact in size, which allows it to be mounted on the PCI bus of personal computers.

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