Axcera transmission technology complies with ATSC mobile DTV spec

Axcera, a provider of transmission technology for the television broadcast, mobile television and broadband wireless access industries, successfully verified its ATSC M/H transmission system to be compliant with the A/153 Mobile DTV standard at the recent “ATSC Mobile DTV Plugfest‚” hosted by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

In an effort to accelerate the commercial availability of Mobile DTV equipment, the CEA organized the Plugfest to test interoperability of ATSC mobile DTV equipment from participating manufacturers. During the testing, Axcera confirmed the performance of its ATSC M/H equipment with 12 different mobile TV receivers from various manufacturers.

Axcera will be demonstrating its complete ATSC M/H mobile DTV transmission system in the OMVC TechZone, booth number 10548, at the Consumer Electronics Show (from Jan. 7-10) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The formal adoption of the A/153 mobile DTV standard by the Advanced Television Systems Committee in October looks to jumpstart a new market for broadcasters nationwide.