AWS Releases AWS Media Intelligence Solutions

AWS Media Intelligence
(Image credit: AWS)

SEATTLE—Amazon Web Services is now offering AWS Media Intelligence Solutions (AWS MI), which is a combination of services for integrating AI into media content workflows. AWS MI is meant to allow users to analyze media, improve content engagement rates, reduce operational costs and increase the lifetime value of media content.

AWS AI services that work with AWS MI include Amazon Rekognition for image and video analysis, Amazon Transcribe for audio transcription, Amazon Comprehend for natural language comprehension and Amazon Translate for language translation. These enable AWS MI to process and analyze media assets to automatically generate metadata from images, video and audio content for downstream workloads at scale.

With these solutions, AWS MI has four primary use cases: search and discovery; subtitling and localization; compliance and brand safety; and content monetization.

AWS Partners also provide AWS MI solutions. Among them are CaptionHub, CLPr, Dalet, EditShare, EEG Video, Empress, Evertz, GrayMeta, IMT, PromoMii, SDVI, Starchive, Synchronized and TripleLift. AWS Consulting Partners like Infinitive, KeyCore, Quantiphi and TrackIt also work with AWS MI.

For more information on AWS MI, visit AWS’ website