Avitech provides multiviewers for Asian Games

Avitech supplied its MCC-8004 series of multi-image display processors for several video-monitoring applications at the 15th Annual Asian Games in Qatar.

The Doha Asian Games Organizing Committee (DAGOC) hosted more than 1800 rights-holding broadcasters and 2000 host broadcasting staff in its International Broadcast Center (IBC), which served as the central operational, production, technical and administrative base for the broadcast operations.

Avitech’s multiviewers were integrated into the system in several ways. Key broadcast and telecom vendors used the multiviewers to check that more than 40 video signals from the various stadiums and venues were received properly. The signals were also viewed on Avitech multiviewers at the other end of the delivery chain before being made available for final international transmission.

The company’s MCC-8004 media command center was also used to display video feeds in the various venues. The processors were used as multiple quad-splits on multiple screens, in full screen mode, and as a multi-image display processor with up to 28 video signals per display.

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