Aviom releases m-control for Yamaha desks

Aviom has released a major firmware upgrade for its Pro64 Series of digital snake and audio networking products. The software release, which is available for free download from Aviom’s Web site, includes support for m-control for Yamaha digital consoles. With m-control, a user has direct access to the preamp settings on Aviom’s 6416m mic input modules from the user interface of Yamaha digital consoles that are outfitted with an Aviom 6416Y2 A-Net interface card.

The m-control feature offers another control path for Aviom’s Pro64 Series mic preamp. All settings on the 6416m preamp module can be set and controlled either via the device’s front panel or from any point in the network with the optional MCS handheld controller. A single MCS can be used for up to 64 channels of mic pre control, and multiple control points can be set in a single network. All three control methods can be combined freely in the same system.

To use m-control, all Pro64 Series products must be updated to the m-control firmware.

For more information or to download the firmware update, visit www.aviom.com.