Audio-Technica debuts MCB4 antenna combiner for IEMs

Audio-Technica is now offering its new MCB4 IEM antenna combiner. Designed for use with the company’s M3 wireless in-ear system, the MCB4 allows the signals of up to four stereo systems to be transmitted from a single transmitting antenna, reducing rack clutter and antenna farms. A wideband unit that operates over a nominal 470MHz-865MHz range, the MCB4 is also suitable for many other in-ear wireless systems (with external BNC antenna connections).

Four jacks on the rear panel power as many as four transmitters operating on 12V at up to 500mA each. Included with the unit are four DC cables appropriate for use with A-T’s M3T stereo transmitter or like-powered transmitters from other manufacturers. The 12V supplies for powering transmitters are short-circuit protected, and the unit features all-metal construction for durability and protection from RF interference.

The MCB4 provides one output and four isolated transmitter inputs. All RF connectors are BNC types, and passive antennas may be used. Remote antenna placement is supported, though hardware for a front-mounted antenna is included. The Audio-Technica MCB4 is scheduled to ship in spring of this year.