At Vinten, two new camera heads are better than one

Vinten is launching the Vector 750i and Vector 430 heads at IBC. The 750i delivers precision for virtual and augmented reality in outside broadcast and studio applications, while the 430 is a compact head with a wide payload range, meeting the needs of production companies working with multiple camera set-ups.

Developed in collaboration with Telegenic in the UK and Sportvision in the United States, the Vector 750i is the first encoded pantographic head from Vinten. It incorporates a new Intelligence Module allowing semiautomatic setup, slide plate tracking and kinematic compensation — all of which ensure stable and precise placement of virtual graphics into the live environment. This innovation makes the Vector 750i ideal for production companies working with onscreen graphics.

The new Vector 430 pan and tilt head has a compact and lightweight design that makes it simple to rig, convenient to transport and well-suited to studio and outside broadcast operations. It has payload capacity of 22lbs to 95lbs. This simplifies the task on location broadcasts, providing a single choice when two heads may have previously been required.

The Vector 430 includes infinitely adjustable perfect balance and TF fluid drag, rapid camera positioning and balance adjustment, and ergonomically positioned controls.